I am Omid Haqsheno. A calm and creative designer who, in addition to graphic design and web coding, is also interested in photography and content production.

A few years ago, around the end of summer, I suggested to my friends the idea of ​​starting a specialized team in the field of website design. After a few weeks, the Source Design team was formed and became the first Iranian fast team that design and code the website in the world of advertising.

The word source design consisted of a combination of coding and web design, as we worked in both highly specialized skills. The claim of the fastest team was weird, but in 4 hours we wrote, designed, and display a complete site.

Over the years, Source Design except for the field of websites and graphics has been active in the fields of photography, modeling, printing, and summarizing all areas of advertising too (except billboards and radio & television).

As we approached 2018, Source Design needed a stronger name for its artistic activities and the launch of a specialized studio and narrating.
It was there that the SeeNegar complex was introduced. The same source design collection with a specialized narrative team …
I was the owner of this collection and all these years, in addition to the responsibility of the CEO and leadership of advertising groups, etc., I also collaborated in other collections and brands.

Usually, because of my IT and advertising skills, I was present as an IT manager and this makes my experience in different fields with different businesses more and now I can guide all kinds of businesses as an online business consultant.

In the late fall of 2018, the SeeNegar Group distanced itself from its official fields for some time due to the business situation and is currently not operating. But all those who have been by my side during these years are still here, and in different projects, if necessary, I gather a specialized team together to get the best result.

However, in the early winter of 2019, together with a team of narrative friends, I decided to start Decamond Studios. With all that happened in early 2020 (I mean Corona!), This team was able to stay active and start working with more people. I’m currently the founder and leader of the Decamond team, and besides that, I’m also interested in graphic design and website-related matters.